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Artist's Statement
I see my life as being both fortunate to be a painter as well as being a constant challenge to be on the path of continual development as a painter.

The need to continually work on ideas and drawings sees multiple sketch books being filled.

Since I started painting large oils at the age of 11 the basis of all my work starts in the landscape, be it the rural or urban environment. Even with my abstraction series the basis of each work can be traced back to various environments in which I have worked.

Over the last 30 years as each series of work has progressed I have found the need for change. This change does not always proceed at the same pace as sometimes one will linger on a series for many years. However sometimes the jump of boundaries to a new series or body of work can overlap another series of can lead to a total jump to a new series.

The catalyst for change in my work is always similar with the stimulus being travel. So over the last 30 years I have spent a great period of my life both on journeys in Australia and overseas (having travelled to every point of Australia and to over 47 countries.)

Sometimes the ideas on a trip may relate to new ways of seeing an old series of work but mostly being in a new landscape allows for the development of new and vibrant work.

Travel allows not only for new visual but more importantly for the feeling it provokes. However the real work is produced in the studio in return. Working in the studying allows for the distortion of the subject to evolve. For it is in the studio that the landscape can no longer dominate and the series of work can ultimately evolve.